Councilors Reject Request to Buy Vehicles for LC 5, CAO

Batambuze argues that they need new vehicles for efficient and timely execution of their duties.
The vehicle of the production department that the CAO currently uses
Councilors have thrown out a proposal to buy new vehicles for Rakai LC V chairperson and Chief Administrative Officer. The proposal to procure the vehicles was tabled before the production committee by Abdul Batambuze, the Rakai Chief Administrative Officer. Batambuze argues that they need new vehicles for efficient and timely execution of their duties. He told council that he has been relying on the vehicle from the production department because his office has never been allocated one. He explained that the department acquired a vehicle on a loan of Shs 60 million under the capacity building fund from the ministry of local government, but they have only managed to pay back 40 million shillings. 

Mugabi argues that the vehicle Reg.No. UAL 818 D, which the he got from his predecessor Vincent Semakula Setuba, has a big mechanical problem fault problem and affects his work. He claims that buying a new vehicle under the Vehicle Acquisition Fund-VAF would be a better compared to servicing the old vehicles.

However, councilors on the production committee rejected the request saying the district has no funds to purchase new cars. Jesca Muhiire, the chairperson of the production Committee said the CAO has been using the vehicle from the production department from the time it was bought and they see no logic in buying for him another car.

 Muhiire explains that it’s Batambuze’s responsibility to pay the  20 million shillings debt to to keep the vehicle because he picked it when it was brand new. She further adds that the district council would consider buying a new vehicle for the production department, Speaker Paul Wassa and the council van other than wasting money on the CAO and LC5 Chairman.

 Patrick Kintu Kisekulo, the Kasaali Sub-county councilor maintained that the CAO should continue using the production vehicle which he has been using from the time it was bought.  

He added that they would rather look at departments or individuals who are badly off than the CAO and the district chairman who already have vehicles. The councilors resolved to put Batambuze and Mugabi’s request on pending as they consider other departments that don't have vehicles before the 2013-2014 financial year budget is passed.

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