Court Dismisses Election Petition against Buhaguzi County MP

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on Tuesday afternoon, Justice Musa Sekana upheld Kazini’s victory, saying that he was duly elected as Buhaguzi county Member of Parliament.
Francis Kazini who has been declared by court as the duly elected MP for Buhaguzi county in Kikuube district addresing the press shortly after the court ruling in Masindi.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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Daniel Muhairwa, the former Buhagauzi county Member of Parliament in Kikuube district has lost his petition seeking to overturn the election of his rival Francis Twinomujuni Kazini.

Muhairwa ran to court after losing January 14, 2021, parliamentary elections to Kazini. He garnered 18,788 against 20,761 votes polled by his National Resistance Movement rival.

Muhairwe, who ran as an independent candidate, contested Kazini’s victory. 

He accused him of using forged academic documents and cited discrepancies in the names on his academic papers. He argued that Kazini lacks the minimum advanced level academic qualifications for election as a member of parliament. 

Muhairwe also accused his rival of intimidating his voters during Election Day, voter bribery and electoral malpractices. However, on Tuesday afternoon, Justice Musa Ssekaana upheld Kazini’s victory, saying that he was duly elected as Buhaguzi county Member of Parliament. 

He noted that Kazini obtained the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education and dismissed the petition. Speaking shortly after the ruling, Kizini said that justice has prevailed and vowed to continue serving the people of Kikuube. 

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Muheirwe declined to comment on the ruling, saying that he was still busy. Meanwhile, Justice Musa Ssekaana also upheld the victory of Dr. Joseph Ruyonga as the Hoima West Division Member of Parliament. He made the ruling in an application filed by Ismail Kasule challenging Ruyonga’s victory.

Ruyonga emerged the winner of the hotly contested elections gathering 6,369 votes against Kasule’s 6,212 votes.  Kasule rejected the poll results, dragged Ruyonga, and the Electoral Commission to Masindi high court citing several irregularities during the counting and declaration of results.   

Kasule alleged that there was manipulation on the declaration of result forms leading to the declaration and tallying of wrong results. He also argued that there was voter bribery and intimidation of his supporters during the course of the elections.

However, Justice Ssekaana dismissed the petition with costs due to a lack of substantial evidence to prove the allegations against Ruyonga. Court also ruled that the petition failed on several procedural grounds after the court established that Kasule did not commission most of the documents filed in his defence as required.

Ruyonga told URN shortly after the court ruling that he expected the victory to be on his side because he genuinely won the polls. He called for a cordial working relationship with Kasule to cause development in Hoima West division.  

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Ruyonga's, lawyer, John Paul Bainaga and Company advocates noted that they are going to slap costs on Kasule for filing a petition he could not support with evidence. Kasule who immediately left the court premises has not yet commented on the matter.