Court Dismisses Election Petition Against Bukooli Central MP

Justice Serukuma further stated that Ngiya failed to raise the required number of 500 registered voters in support of the petition.
Bukooli central's member of parliament, Solomon Silwany (R) joins his supporters after the court ruling.

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Justice Issa Serukuma has dismissed an election petition filed by Rogers Ngiya against the Bukooli Central MP, Solomon Silwany.

Ngiya, a voter from Bukooli central constituency, in Bugiri district says that the elections were marred with vote-rigging and voter bribery.

Silwany garnered 24,244 votes, to win the election against Forum for Democratic Change-FDC's  Wafula Oguttu, who got 12,555 votes.

Ngiya argued that acts of election malpractice affected the final results declared by the Electoral Commission. He demanded that the court annuls the election.

However, while delivering the ruling, Serukuma stated that the petition was not authentic on grounds that, in all his affidavits, Ngiya failed to prove to the court that, he was a registered voter.

He said that Ngiya must attach a register or their voter numbers, which evidence authenticates them as lawful voters before filing a petition in areas where they did not contest for, but the petitioner in this case only attached a national identity card which is no proof at all,” he says.

Justice Serukuma further stated that Ngiya failed to raise the required number of 500 registered voters in support of the petition.

“Election petitions are matters of both state and public interest therefore, litigants should be serious enough to avail at least a sizeable number of 500 voters in support of the petition but, the petitioner failed to do this. Out of the 534 affidavits filed before the court, 40 of these neither lacked signature nor thumbprints, the rest lacked voter numbers, sex, age and were never certified by the commissioner of oaths,” he says.

Silwany’s lawyer, Julius Galisonga welcomes the court decision, stressing that Ngiya failed to adduce evidence confirming that, all the affidavits filed before the court were sworn by registered voters.

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 Silwany says that voters and all leaders at large should foster processes of ensuring unity and development, rather than engaging themselves in endless interpersonal battles. 

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 Ngiya expressed dissatisfaction over the ruling of the court. He said that he will appeal against this court decision.

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