Court Upholds Election of Nokrach, Makumbi

Achan contested for the Northern Uganda PWD MP on the National Resistance Movement party ticket and lost to Nokrach, an independent.
Makumbi is embraced by a supporter after his victory is declared

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William Nokrach, the Northern Uganda Member of Parliament for Persons with Disabilities- PWD has survived an election petition. On Friday, Justice Joseph Mulangira threw out an election petition filed by Joyce Okeny Achan challenging the election of Nokrach.


Achan contested for the Northern Uganda PWD MP on the National Resistance Movement party ticket and lost to Nokrach. Nokrach garnered 286 votes against Achan's 255 votes. As a result, Achan petitioned court challenging the election of Nokrach on grounds of using forged academic documents and voter bribery.


She claimed that Nokrach forged his academic papers contrary to claims that he sat his exams at Gulu College and Caltech Academy. But this morning, Justice Joseph Mulangira threw out the petition citing lack of sufficient evidence.


He said the claim by Achan that his rival sent Shillings 10 million to some people, doesn't prove that he was trying to bribe voters, adding that the money could have been for anything else.  On the issue of academic papers, Justice Mulangira said Nokrach has valid papers since he has an examination center registration number. Nokrach welcomed the ruling and called for Unity among PWDs.


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Achan protested the ruling, saying it wasn't fair. She insisted that Nokrach wouldn't have made it through the elections without bribing voters.


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Meanwhile, High Court has also upheld the election of Henry Makumbi as Mityana South Member of parliament.  Makumbi's rival, Richard Lumu had petitioned court to nullify his victory, saying the elections were marred with irregularities.


However, Justice Rugadya Atwooki kicked out the petition, saying it was filed outside the stipulated seven days. He also said the more than 30 affidavits that Lumu submitted in court to support his petition were disregarded since they didn't conform to the law. Makumbi welcomed the court ruling, saying it is victory for the voters.



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