COVID-19: Four KCCA Staff Members Isolated

According to Kaujju, the four members of staff were picked after they exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 earlier in the afternoon. They have since been taken to hospital for testing

Four members of staff of the Kampala Capital City Authority - KCCA have this afternoon been isolated after they developed symptoms of the Conovavirus (COVID-19).

The four KCCA staff were picked by the COVID-19 Rapid Response team from City hall where the authority's headquarters are located and taken to a hospital for testing.

The four people raised suspicion after they were discovered to have high temperatures, flu and cough. One of them was also complaining about lack of appetite according to a source from KCCA.

Peter Kaujju, the KCCA spokesperson told Uganda Radio Network (URN) in an interview that the four people have been taken to hospital for testing. The details of what kind of work the four have been doing at the body has not been revealed.

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KCCA declined to release more information about which departments the four people serve in and whether they have any contact with the hundreds of people that visit the city offices on a daily basis.

Emmanuel Ainbebyoona, the health ministry spokesperson said that the four people have already tested positive for COVID-19 at the city authority. The four were part of seven cases that tested positive yesterday from Kampala out of 35 new cases confirmed.

According to the health ministry, more than 1000 people are under institutional quarantine at different centers in the country. To date, Uganda has a total of 557 confirmed cases of COVID-19.