COVID SOPs Violators in Lango Caned, Forced to Buy Mask at UGX 5K

Christopher Omara, the Otuke Resident District Commissioner who is also chairperson District Task Force explained that the LCIs should ensure that a maximum of 5 people are allowed at a water point at a go.

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Leadership from various districts in Lango sub region are crafting by-laws and practical measures  to ensure that the people abide by the COVID-19 prevention Standard Operating Procedures -SOPs. Concerned citizens and soldiers are enthusiastically administering corporal punishment to violators in some places.

In Amolatar District, specifically Namusale Town council, the authorities have deployed UPDF soldiers from Namasale barrack to the different streets to enforce adherence to the SOPs.

URN reporter who visited Namasale town council saw the soldiers randomly giving strokes of cane to those found not wearing facemask and those crowded together without social distancing.

After walloping them, the soldiers force the locals to immediately buy cheap face masks at 5,000 Shillings from the officers who move with them in their pockets.

Denis Onyum, a resident of Namasale Town council says people who were relaxed about observing the SOPs are quickly learning it the hard way.

Luo byte:

//Cue in: “Inamasale bot wa…

Cue out: … ikom mask kanene.”//

According to Onyum, people who gather in groups to take local brew (abwa) within the Town are not spared either. Although most of them take off upon seeing the officers, a few who would be drunk at the moment always get the canes.

The same scenario is happening in Lira where concerned residents especially boda-boda riders have taken it upon themselves to ensure people follow the guidelines. They are moving around beating anyone not wearing a mask.

At Oyam town council in Oyam District, the authorities have come up with by-laws to be followed by everyone living within the area.

The by-law includes rounding off all shops with a string and establishing a hand washing facility at the entrance, displaying Covid-19 awareness messages in and around town and daytime patrol by police and Covid-19 taskforce team. All those found not wearing a face mask and flouting the above guidelines will be arrested.

Robert Okello, the Officer in charge Oyam Central Police Station acknowledged that security are already enforcing the guidelines saying it requires a collective responsibility if the goal is to be achieved. 

Eng byte:

//Cue in: “We have already… 

Cue out: … arrested and prosecuted.”//

They have also tasked all students who came back home from places like Kampala, Wakiso and Jinja to go for the mass Covid-19 testing and vaccination at the District’s health department.

Meanwhile in Otuke District, the task force has instructed all local council one chairpersons to ensure that all water points are equipped with hand washing facilities.

Christopher Omara, the Otuke Resident District Commissioner who doubles as the chairperson District Task Force explained that the LCIs should ensure that a maximum of 5 people are allowed at a water point at a go.

Eng byte:

//Cue in: “It’s true that…

Cue out: … they implement it.”//

Mildred Arao, a resident of Amuk village, Ogwete sub county in Otuke District acknowledges that the greatest area of risk of infection is the water point since the entire household in the village shares the same borehole.

The same view is shared by another resident who identified herself as Esther. She asked the district to provide hand sanitizers and liquid soaps for hand washing at the borehole.

Voxpop luo:

//Cue in: “Dang otye otemo…

Cue out: … idog kulu.”// 


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