Crippled By URA Gun, Still Looking for Compensation 6 Years Later

Muhammed Kasaija a resident of Nyamambuka village, Bwera town council contends that on 29 October 2014 the URA officer Alex Turyahabwa shot at him in the lower limb

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A man who was allegedly shot in the leg at Mpondwe customs post in Kasese District by a security personal working for Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is still seeking compensation six years after the incident.

Muhammed Kasaija, a resident of Nyamambuka village in Bwera town council contends that on 29 October 2014 the officer, Alex Turyahabwa, shot at him in the lower limb and fled. Kasaija says he was shot at as Turyahabwa pursued an unidentified man who was carrying a box.

//Cue in; “Kunfula omulema nga…  

Cue out... nfune amazima nobyenkanya.”//

Kasaija told URN that he was admitted at Kagando hospital for four months without any assistance from the perpetrator or his employers. Although Kasaija has engaged the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) fort portal based branch he says all his efforts are yet to yield any positive results.

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Cue out... paka na lEero.”//  

Cemenz Muluba, Kasaija’s friend who also witnessed the incident recounts that the victim was not carrying any object that would have tempted the officer to shoot at him.

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Alex Bukumunhe, the acting UHRC spokesperson, however, told URN reporter that sorting out such issue involving compensation is a process that may take longer. But he is optimistic that Kasaija's file will be handled.