CSOs Decry Delay In Enacting Sexual Offences Bill

Noreen Nampewo, Program officer for Centre for women in Governance Said it is time men start taking a womans no, as a no and not stereotyping women.
The CSOs address a presser at Parliament

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Civil society Organizations have called on Parliament to expedite the Sexual Offences Bill, as a measure to curb the increasing sexual offences in the country.

The CSOs under the umbrella, the Domestic Violence Act coalition say several women and men are being offended sexually and yet there is a big gap in the law which sees many offenders walking free.There statement comes ahead of the bail application hearing of Brian Isiko on Tuesday after he was jailed for two years for sexually harassing Kabarole district Woman MP Sylvia Rwabogo.

Isiko was charged with cyber harassment and offensive communication.

The bill tabled in 2016 by Kumi Woman MP Monica Amoding seeks to con­sol­i­date all laws relat­ing to sex­ual of­fenses, com­bat sex­ual vi­o­lence and pro­vide for pun­ish­ment of sex­ual perpetuators. It also seeks to pro­vide for pro­ce­dural and ev­i­den­tial re­quire­ments dur­ing trial of sexual of­fenses and other re­lated mat­ters.

Now the CSOs have said the bill which is very vital to the protection of Uganda should be prioritized.

Speaking at a press conference at the members Lounge of Parliament, Tina Musuya the Executive Director Centre for Domestic Violence said Ugandans should publicly condemn sexual harassment and not side with perpetuators and victimize the offended.

She says in most cases women have been sexually victimized as some men have expressed power through humiliation.Musuya said if the bill is passed into law, it will help to reduce on the rampant cases of sexual harassment, but also ensure women and girls are safe.According to Musuya, in 2017 alone, 1335 cases of rape and 14985 cases of defilement  and this is only a tip of the iceberg.

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Noreen Nampewo, Program officer for Centre for women in Governance Said it is time men start taking a woman's no, as a no and not stereotyping women. She also says men should stop thinking women  are sexual objects but look at them as their brothers, sisters, parents and someone's wife.

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