Delay to Hear Jamil Mukulu's Bail Application Irks Lawyers

The lawyers argue that they have not been updated on the matter two weeks later.
Jamil Mukulu during his presentation to the public in July 2015 after capture

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Lawyers of the former Commander of Allied Democratic Forces-ADF rebels Jamil Mukulu have petitioned the Registrar of International Crimes Division demanding for speedy hearing of the bail application.

The lawyers led by Anthony Wameli last month went to the Criminal Division of High Court to apply for bail for Mukulu who is facing terrorism-related charges but were directed to go to the International Crimes Division instead.

They formally filed their application before the ICD but were never given a hearing date and neither were they informed about the judge who was to handle their matter. Normally it takes about two days for the applicants to be informed about the date and the presiding judge.

However, two weeks later, the lawyers argue that they have not been updated on the matter.

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The lawyers who took their petition on Friday, however, couldn’t deliver it to the Registrar because she was not in the office.

However, when contacted the Judiciary Spokesperson Jameson Karemani noted that they have received many bail applications at the International Crimes Division. He adds that they will have a meeting next week to discuss whether the applications should be handled by a single judge or a panel.

Mukulu was arrested from Tanzania and extradited to Uganda in 2015 on charges of terrorism, murder, aggravated robbery, attempted murder and being a member of a terrorist group, ADF.

The state alleges that Mukulu and his co-accused raided muslim communities most of whom they disregarded on particular matters like where to face while conducting prayers.

As a result, leaders such as Sheikh Yunus Mandana and the top Shia Cleric Dakitoor Muwaya were gunned down under his command before he also attacked Bugiri Police Station and killed two Police Officers Karin Tenywa and Muzamir Babale.

In 2019 the International Crimes Division Court Judge Eva Luswata ruled that the evidence was sufficient enough to sustain 20 charges against them. 

He was committed to International Criminal Division to face trial. But since then, his trial has never started which is one of the grounds he is basing on to apply for bail.