Demand For Relief Funds Overwhelms Busia District Covid-19 Task Force

John Rex Achila, the Busia Resident District Commissioner-RDC also chairman of the task force says that they receive more than 20 to 30 people each day seeking assistance
Jacob Markson Oboth receive a file of registered relief funds beneficiaries in Busia Municipality~2

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Busia district covid-19 task force is overwhelmed by the increased demands for relief funds from households.

John Rex Achila, the Busia Resident District Commissioner- RDC also chairman of the task force says that they receive more than 20 to 30 people each day seeking assistance.

According to Achila the most affected categories include are a People with Disabilities- PWDs, some religious leaders, local artists, boda-boda riders, traders and street vendors who say their businesses have been affected by the lockdown.

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Last month, the government announced proposals to disburse Shillings 100,000 to at least 520,000 in 41 municipalities and 10 cities to help them go through the 42-day lockdown announced to stop the spread of the second wave of COVID-19.  However, the beneficiaries are yet to receive the funds.

Suzan Wandera, the Deputy Mayor Busia says that they registered only 5,120 to benefit from the relief funds in both Eastern and Western divisions in Busia Municipality. 

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Rev. Victor Wanyama, the representative of religious leaders on the task force, says that there is a need for government to also consider religious leaders because all the churches and mosques where they were getting a source of income are closed.

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Charles Ojambo, a resident of Busia says that he has a family of 12 members but they sometimes sleep on an empty stomach due to lack of food. He says that his bar business has remained closed since last year.

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Brian Barasa says they want the government to at least give them maize flour so that their families can survive. He says that he is struggling to look after his family after boda-boda were stopped from carrying passengers. 

He says that everyone in his village deserves to get relief because all of them were locked up and they left their jobs.

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