Deputy IGG faces arrest

Deputy IGG Raphael Baku could soon be  facing charges of fraudulent acquisition of two pieces land belonging to Posta Uganda.

The former acting IGG, it is alleged, bought plot 24/26 on Clement Hill road and plot 71/74 on Yusuf Lule road for an estimated UGX 5bn for the office of the IGG without prior the endorsement of the contracts committe in the office of the IGG.

In a record 24 hour purchase, Baku cashed in a UGX 2.8bn deposit to Posta Uganda for the two pieces of land in a manner which did not conform with the Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets act that requires scrutiny of all government purchases before the accounting officer can sign them.

The information avaliable to the police further shows that Baku, who was the accounting officer at the time, signed contracts with Posta Uganda for the purchase of the two pieces of land without making consultations with the contracts and disposal committee in the PPDA. To make matters worse, the contracts committee in the office of the IGG was not consulted prior to the purchase which further strengthens the whistleblowers case that the land was bought fraudulently.

However, the IGG spokesperson Ali Muniira told URN that the contracts committee in the office of the IGG had given a nod to the purchase although she  failed to provide documentation of  minutes of a meeting held in that respect.

Police spokesperson Asuman Mugyenyi, confirmed to URN that they had  indeed investigated Baku acting on tips from a whistleblower and had sent file to the DPP awaiting his response before they could go ahead to arrest Baku for fraudulently acquiring land, non-compliance to PPDA act and misuse of office.

URN was not able to speak to Baku as he was not readily available for comment regarding the accusations against him.