Disadvantaged Women's Home to be Built in Katwe

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A special home to care for single mothers who are victims of neglect or violence is to be built in Kampala.

A non-governmental organization called African Hope for Single Mothers is building the home as a rehabilitation and protection center.

Claire Marunga, director of African Hope for Single Mothers, says many single mothers are victims of rape, defilement, domestic violence, neglect or illness. She says this is so because having children out of wedlock is still a taboo in many cultures and ostracizing single mothers is considered normal by some people.

Marunga says the home will provide support for women struggling to raise children alone. Residents will be engages in small projects and income generating activities to help them support themselves.

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Research by African Hope for Single Mothers conducted in Katwe in Kampala found out that 70 percent of families there are headed by single mothers.

The new home will be built in Katwe.

Miriam Kansiime, a single mother since her separation from her husband in 2005, says she is excited by the prospect of a home for women like herself. She says she has struggled in silence bringing up her eight children on the small income she gets from her charcoal selling business.

Kansiime says she would greatly benefit from help offered to her through the home.

African Hope for Single Mothers is working with the Single Mothers Association of Uganda in the Katwe project.