District Wants To Surrender 13 Community Schools to Government

The community primary schools that the district authorities want government to take over are Maratatu, Karuhinda, Kyentomi, Booma, Kyarushesha Modern, Malembo, St Joseph Mugabi,Kakende,Nyakabonge,Sayuni,Ikoba,Hohwa and Maya primary schools.

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Education Authorities in Kikuube district wants government to takeover the management of 13 community Primary schools in the district in a bid to uplift education standards.  

The district Education authorities have already submitted names of the community Primary schools they want government to take over to the ministry of Education and sports.  

Amon Zondera, the Kikuube district Inspector of schools says there are many villages that are underserved in terms of Education with most of the villages having no primary schools which are government aided a thing he says has frustrated Education standards in the district.  

He says as a result the district has been compelled to submit names of 13 community primary schools to the ministry of Education and sports to be coded.  

The community Primary schools that the Education Authorities in the district want government to takeover are Maratatu, Karuhinda, Kyentomi, Booma, Kyarushesha Modern, Malembo, St Joseph Mugabi, Kakende, Nyakabonge, Sayuni, Ikoba, Hohwa and Maya primary schools.  All located in the sub counties of Kyangwali, Kabwoya and Buhimba. The schools are currently under the management of parents.

According to Zondera, when more schools are coded, government will allocate more teachers and more children will  have access to good schools while the performance of learners will be improved in the district.  

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Kikuube district has 71 government aided primary schools with 580 government teachers. The district has 300 Privately owned Primary schools.  

Zondera says the district is supposed to have altogether 850 primary school teachers adding that government needs to allocate 270 more teachers to bridge the gap.

He says the gap is leading to high pupil teacher ratio and resulting into poor academic performance. 

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Lack of qualified teachers is threatening students' ability to learn well in Uganda's Education  system.