Don’t Be Swayed By Emotions Muntu Tells Voters

The Alliance For National Transformation (ANT) Presidential Candidate says emotions can lead voters into choices that could be contrary to the country’s interests.
06 Nov 2020 18:30
Retired Major General Mugisha Muntu Gregg and his campaign Manager, Winnie Kiiza at their Buganda Road Party Head Office in Kampala

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Ugandans should not be swayed by emotions when voting Presidential and Parliamentary candidates says presidential candidate, Major General Mugisha Muntu Gregg.

The Alliance For National Transformation (ANT) Presidential Candidate says emotions can lead voters into choices that could be contrary to the country’s interests.

Retired Major General Mugisha Muntu Gregg told journalists in Kampala that with most of the country’s system in disarray, voters should vote candidates committed to rescue the country from plunging further in the drain.

/////Cue in “All systems of check……  

Cue Out……. again that is where discipline is required”///

He says the country is fortunate that there is a set of leaders in the Alliance For National Transformation who are conscious and committed to ensuring that the country’s systems are rebuilt.

Muntu says the rampant corruption coupled with maladministration is a testimony the leadership crisis that urgently needs to be addressed.

The former commander says Uganda needs leaders that check themselves and build checks and balances that will not only check themselves but those who will assume power thereafter.

Muntu says there is also a risk that voters could be swayed by the voluminous manifestos and policy programs by candidates like President Museveni who has been in power for most of post of post-independent Uganda.

He says while such manifestos have been spot on in terms of the challenges of the time, the challenge has been their implementation.  

/////Cue in “Manifestos can remain on paper…….

Cue Out …. to ensure that what us talked about is actually done”//// 

Meanwhile General, Muntu’s Chief Campaigner, Winnie Kiiza has called on the Electoral Commission to ensure that all Presidential candidates are protected from acts of harassment and intimidation by security forces.

The Former leader of the Opposition also Kasese woman MP says the Electoral Commission Chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi  and his team is failing to protect the candidates against errant members of the security forces.

She says the Electoral Commission should from the time of having nominated the opposition candidates ensured that they are protected.

Her concern follows reports that police in Moroto raided the National Unity Platform Offices. They reportedly confiscated a number of items regarded as military regalia. The Police in Mbrarara also arrested a number of NUP supporters following reports that Presidential candidate Robert Kaygulanyi Ssentamu planned to launch his manifesto from there.

Winnie Kiiza says the Electoral Commission should ensure that all candidates are treated equally and ensure there is a leveled ground for all of them.    

/// Cue IN “All those actions of torture…….

Cue Out………candidates and the participants”////

Major General Mugisha Muntu Gregg's presidential campaign is under the slogan “ A Change You Can Trust” He among others promises to transform this country through Qualitative change! A cause where all Ugandans are equal before the law and have equal opportunities. A cause for justice! A change beyond infrastructure development.  

Mugisha Muntu’s Manifesto At a Glance 

The Alliance for National Transformation Party pledges to usher in a new culture in the politics of Uganda. This culture according to Rtd. Major General Mugisha Muntu Gregg should be value-based, integrity-laden, fosters peace and reconciliation, equitable social economic development and catering for the well-being of the people.

Leadership and governance

The party promises leadership transition, reinstatement and restoration of presidential, reduction of Public Administration, resolve the national language issue and foster tenancy of governance and enhance organization of Ugandans.  

Muntu and his party pledge to promote the tolerance of divergent views, respect and promoting diversity of the people and mobilize them to embrace national development, and preach peace, respect and foster conflict resolution.  

Fight Against Corruption

ANT manifesto promises proactive creation of public awareness, enforce punishment after conviction, demonstrate exemplary leadership, strengthen anti-corruption institutions.  Recover proceeds of corruption and make sure corruption is a very risky economy. 


The Alliance For National Transformation promise to ensure that the entire value chain is established in tandem with the key products.

Muntu promises to increase funding of the agriculture sector from the current 3.4 to 8% of the budget. He pledges to instate cooperative bank, start an agricultural bank and properly capitalize Uganda Development Bank(UDB).  

Marketing Boards

The party says it plans to reinstate properly managed marketing boards based on public private partnerships for key products. 

Investments Attract investors to industries where Uganda has a comparative advantage.


Develop transport infrastructure in form of railways, marine services, Air cargo and airline.