DP Elections Postponed Amidst Chaos at National Conference

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The Democratic Party (DP) elects members of its executive committee today

The DP was initially scheduled to hold the elections yesterday, but disputes between its leadership and a threatened boycott by national conference delegates' caused the postponement of the polls.

The first day of the DP national delegates' conference was chaotic with delegates threatening to walk out if their allowances were not paid. The convention also suffered two major power cuts late in the evening, bringing business to a halt.

After some heated negotiations, the DP treasurer, Ssebana Kizito, agreed to feed the delegates and a total of 5 million shillings to meet the costs of their transport.

However, this wasn't enough to appease the delegates, who angrily protested a decision by Ssebana Kizito, Paul Ssemwogerere and Evaristo Nyanzi to postpone the elections to today without consulting them.

//Cue in: iWhy should they postpone #i

Cue out: i# allow them to kill our party.i//

The DP national delegates' conference is being held at Mandela Sports Hotel in Namboole.