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DP to Replace Treasurer over Refusal to Sign Money For Party Activities :: Uganda Radionetwork

DP to Replace Treasurer over Refusal to Sign Money For Party Activities

In a letter dated September 15, Kabanda said she was unable to sign for the release of the money because the processes through which such authorization is arrived at are not followed.
22 Sep 2022 17:31

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A Management Committee of the Democratic Party has okayed a resolution seeking to replace Former Masaka Woman Member of Parliament Mary Babirye Kabanda as the party’s Treasurer if she refuses to sign money to undertake party activities.

Christine Mugerwa Kasule, the Deputy Secretary General last week issued a notice indicating that the party was to hold a National Executive Committee-NEC meeting on October 1st.

The treasurer among others has to sign for funds that will be used in the organization of the meeting. However, in a letter dated September 15, Kabanda said she was unable to sign for the release of the money because the processes through which such authorization is arrived at are not followed.

“I wish to further note that both the party financial and long-standing practice provides that the Finance Committee be always convened to consider the financial portfolio and priority requirements for the party before any allocation of what is available is effected…we are all aware that party finances are public resources subject to audit under the leadership Code Act, Political and Other Organization Act and the Party’s Delegates Conference; and in the absence of allocation minutes, from the National Finance Committee and further in light of the correspondence of the National Legal Advisor and as the lawful in charge of the party finances and the principal signatory on the party accounts, I decline to approve any requisition or append my signature on any withdraw slip and cheques as requested,” Kabanda’s letter reads in part.

When contacted, Kabanda said that the finance committee which she chairs with other members including; all heads of departments, the DP chairperson, the President, the Secretary-General, deputy treasury, heads of the youth, and women leagues; will be sitting and probably resolve the impasse.

//Cue in…automatically yes because… 

Cue out… is even illegal,”//

However, DP spokesperson Okoler Opio Lo Amanu said the party will not allow Kabanda to halt its activities hiding behind procedures that have no place in the party constitution. “There is no law that says that the finance committee must sit to appropriate. The National Executive Committee will sit and if she refuses to sign, we have already written to the bank and the paperwork is going on to have the deputy sign.

He added, "that’s a simple thing because the party activities cannot be put on halt because of the party's inability or unwillingness to perform her duties. As management committee, we sat and passed a resolution that she should be relieved of her duties until she is ready to perform them,” Opio said.

//Cue in… our laws state…

Cue out…pays the loan,”// 

Opio explained that it is even disingenuous for Kabanda to refuse to sign for funds for other party activities yet she signed for the payment of a bank loan in which she had an interest. Opio explained that DP party headquarters at Balntuma Road were purchased on a loan secured in the name of Kabanda.

“The party approached its bank which is Centenary Bank to give it a loan to buy the property but the bank refused and said they are not secure to lend political party money. They advised that the party identify a person who should get the loan in his or her name but at the back of our minds when we know it’s the party paying. So, Babirye was the treasury they agreed and let her get the loan. The party has been paying money to her and then she pays the bank. So because the bank has been demanding her, it has been in her interest to bank the cheque. She shouldn’t have banked the 152million Shillings for the loan but she banked that one because it suits her interest but when it came to other party activities, she brings about all manner of excuses,” Opio said. 

Asked about other party activities that are yet to be funded, Opio said they were supposed to hold a training last Friday which was to cost the party nine million Shillings, then a retreat for the management committee members which is going to take place this weekend at a cost of eight million Shillings and the National Executive Committee which is budgeted for 30million Shillings. The meeting was supposed to take place in Fort Portal City but has been shifted to Kampala.

“Some people were saying that we were running away from Kampala but we want to show them that we can hold any party organ meeting anywhere in Uganda. Now, we have decided to hold it in Kampala and we see what will happen,” Opio said.

He added that contrary to what Kabanda is saying, the National Council can’t take place before NEC meets because it is the latter that sets the agenda for the former. The National Council is comprised of all the 52 members of NEC, the parliamentary group that includes all people who contested for parliamentary seats on the DP ticket and the DP district chaperons.

//Cue in…she doesn’t know…

Cue out…is again blocking. //

In July, tension erupted in DP after Norbert Mao, its President General signed a cooperation agreement with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement. 

Among the clauses in the agreement, included the appointment of Mao as the minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and also NRM supporting the election of Gerald Siranda, the DP secretary general as a member of the East African Legislative Assembly. In the NEC meeting scheduled for next week, the cooperation agreement is one of the items to be discussed.

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