EC Bans Fundraisings in Busongora South Ahead of By-elections

The ban takes immediate effect until August 18th, 2022 after the polling date.
Eligible voters in Muhokya Town Council regestering on Friday

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Electoral Commission-EC has banned aspirants eyeing the Busongora South parliamentary seat from engaging in any fundraising activities during the by-elections period.

The ban takes immediate effect until August 18th, 2022 after the polling date. 

In a statement, the EC chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi, says that no candidate will be allowed to organize any activity aimed at soliciting money from potential voters as it is tantamount to bribery contrary to Section 147(1) of the Local Government Act. 

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This act provides that any person who with intent before or during an election, directly or indirectly influences another person to vote, gives gifts to influence that person’s voting, commits an illegal practice of the offense of bribery, and is liable to a fine not exceeding five currency points or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years or both.

According to Byabakama, the commission wants to create a leveled ground for all candidates and avoid the possibility of any court cases arising from fundraising activities.

Ismail Atwijukire, the Kasese District Returning Officer, says candidates should desist from fundraising drives or else they will be held liable for violating electoral laws. 

“This ban is to allow a leveled ground for all candidates in the race and surely those found to be contravening the law shall be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

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