EC Receives Shs 200 Millon Boost from Germany Embassy

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Electoral Commission has received shillings 200 million for the purchase of transparent boxes ahead of the 2011 elections. Klaus Dietter Duxmaan, the Germany Ambassador in Uganda says that donation is line with their support to the democratization process in Uganda.

According to Duxmann, the Electoral Commission needs all the support it requires to organize free and fair elections.

//Cue in "Free fair and ... Cue out ....ballot boxes"// Badru Kiggundu, the Electoral Commission chairperson says that the shillings 200 million will fund the purchase of 50,000 transparent ballot boxes. But Sam Rwakojjo, the Electoral Commission secretary says that the 50,000 boxes are not enough.

Rwakojjo says that more polling stations were created during the reorganization of polling stations across the country.

// Cue in " Of course we appreciate Cue Out ... these five thousand"//

He explains that the commission also needs another 24,000 non-transparent boxes for storage of voting materials for each of the 24, 000 polling stations countrywide. He says that government is to foot the bills for the additional ballot boxes.