EC troubled by lack of response from Aspirants for the by-elections

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The electoral commission in Masindi is troubled that several posts lined up for bi-elections may not be filed because aspirants have failed to pick nominations forms.
Daniel Nayebare, the EC's registrar for Masindi district says despite the on-going sensitization exercise, people are not picking nomination papers, yet the nomination is on 7th and 8th April next week.
Masindi has sixteen vacancies to be filled on 9th May, many of which have remained vacant due to death and abscondment of the seat-holders.
Some eight posts have never been filled because there were no candidates to fill them during the 2006 elections. It is these posts that the EC is concerned that even now, there are no people coming up to contest.
A pastoralist who was voted in Kimengo Sub County has since migrated to Kyankwanzi in Kiboga district, while another voted in Kigumba Sub County shifted base to Arua.
Nayebare says he expected a lot of people to rush to his office to pick nomination papers, but it is to the contrary.
Meanwhile, local leaders in Pakanyi sub county have petitioned the Electoral commission that some people shun voting because poling stations are seven to ten miles away from the their homes.
Nayebare says the EC is aware but a poling station can only be split if it exceeds 700 voters.