Elderly Woman Vacates Home Citing Death Threats

Buyinza claims that Matovu showed in 2015 claiming to be the new landlord and ordered her to surrender half of her land measuring two acres or risk forceful eviction on grounds that she had taken many years without paying ground rent.
Veronica Buyinza showing part of her banana plantation cut down recently.

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An elderly woman in Mukono district has abandoned her home citing death threats resulting from a land dispute. The 72-year-old Veronica Buyinza, a resident of Takajjunge in Nama Sub County has been feuding with her neighbour, William Matovu over the land for four years.   

Buyinza says that Matovu showed up in 2015 claiming ownership of the land in question and ordered her to surrender half of her land measuring two acres or risk forceful eviction. He accused her of failing to pay ground rent for a number of years.

Buyinza's says she surrendered one acre of her land to avoid disharmony with her neighbour. She, however, says that she was surprised to see Matovu claiming another acre of land, which hosts her home, ancestral graveyard and banana plantation.  

//Cue in; “Ekibanja kyange kijja…  

Cue out…ate ayagala kunyaga.”//

Buyinza is now spending nights at the home of the LC I Secretary for Women Affairs.

//Cue in; “Munange nsula mu… 

Cue out…obulamu mbwagala.”//

Buyinza says that she sought redress from the office of Mukono Resident District Commissioner-RDC Fred Bamwiine, who instructed Matovu to resolve the dispute amicably. Instead, Matovu ordered his causal labourers to raze her banana plantation.

But Matovu says that Buyinza does not have a single document proving ownership of the said land.

//Cue in; “Kakati omukazi oyo...  

Cue out…ne yeyongera nayo”//   

However, some of the residents interviewed say Buyinza has occupied the contested land for several years and wonder why Matovu is trying to evict her. Janifer Gashegu, one of the residents, says Buyinza has occupied the land for the last forty years is well known in the village. 

//Cue in; “Naye nze emyaka…

Cue out …anna no kusoba”// 

Lawrence Mugwanga, another resident notes that the contested land also hosts the ancestral grounds of Buyinza’s family and wonders how another person can claim ownership.  

//Cue in; “Nebabeera awo ewa…

Cue out…we ali mabega”//  

The Mukono Deputy RDC, Richard Ntulume says they met with residents who confirmed that the contested land belongs to Buyinza. He says they agreed that she continues using the land.   He condemns those behind the destruction of her plantation, saying they will be traced and dragged before the law.

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