Election Petition: Judge Directs Gaddafi Nasur to Produce Phone Records

Sekabira, from the National Unity Platform was declared the duly elected MP for Katikamu North Constituency with 18, 716 votes while Gaddafi from the National Resistance Movement-NRM came second with 10,771 votes.
19 Aug 2021 16:56
Justice Margaret Apiny of the High Court Civil Division in Kampala has ordered the loser of the Katikamu North Parliamentary seat, Gaddafi Nasur to present clear copies of phone printouts proving bribery against his rival Denes Sekabira.

Sekabira, from the National Unity Platform, was declared the winner with 18,716 votes while Gaddafi from the National Resistance Movement- NRM came second with 10,771 votes.

Gaddafi petitioned the court that the January 2021 general election were marred by irregularities, citing bribery.

Gaddafi previously presented before court evidence of phone call logs and mobile money transactions to prove the bribery allegations against Sekabira.

According to evidence produced by Gaddafi, Sekabira on November 17th 2020 at 14.41 hours sent Shillings 52,000 to Enos Kamya, on January 5th 2020 he sent Shillings 100,000 to Edith Nakaweesa at 9.30 am and his agent Eric Juuko Zimbe received 100,000 Shillings which he allegedly distributed to voters.

It was also alleged that Sekabira bribed voters with items like soap especially in Lumonde village in December 2020.

The phone printouts were acquired from MTN following an order by Grade One Magistrate Baligeya Moses Mufumbiro to the Security Manager of MTN Uganda to provide the information. The information acquired from MTN dated October 1st 2020 to January 30th 2021.

On Thursday while reviewing the printouts, Sekabira's lawyers led by Nalukoola Luyimbazi told the court that the copies that Gadaffi submitted to were not clear enough to reveal the identity of the alleged persons. He asked that Gadaffi provides clear copies since identity is key to the case.

Nyonyintono said they would scan the documents they received from MTN and present them to Sekabira's lawyers before the close of business on Friday.

Justice Apiny directed Nyonyintono to provide clear copies of the phone records. She also fixed the hearing of the petition on August 26.