Elections of Male Councilors in Lira City Cancelled over Misallocation of Symbols

Independent candidate Edward Ojungu’s symbol was attached to that of NRM’s Francis Ogwang and vice versa.
The ballot paper with mismatched names and symbols.

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There was confusion at polling stations in Lira City West Division A after there was a mix up in the symbols of candidates for directly elected male councillors.

Independent candidate Edward Ojungu’s symbol of a clock was attached to the NRM’s Francis Ogwang and vice versa.   Seven candidates including Nicholas Obwolo, Odongo Lawrence Aliga, Sam Okwir, James Omara Elem and George Rashid Opio are in the race.

The mismatch was discovered by voters who informed the electoral officials. However, it was discovered late when a few people had already voted.

Hasakya Rashid, the Lira City Returning officer confirmed the anomaly saying the election will be held at a date the EC will announce.

//Cue in: “It is true…

Cue out: … going on normally.”//

Isaac Okello, a polling coordinator explained that the mismatch has not only disorganized the candidates but mobilizer as well.

//Cue in: “This thing annoyed…

Cue out: … to be available.”//

Oscar Ongom a polling agent argued that a lot has been invested in today’s election.

//Cue in: “Today I got…

Cue out: … wasted out time.”//

 Elem, one of the candidates says that the Electoral Commission had all the time to verify each candidate’s documents before printing the ballot papers.

//Cue in: “It’s very…

Cue out: … and for all.”//

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