Electoral Commission Upholds Bernard Mujasi Nomination

Mujjasis nomination has been hanging in balance after one of his rival contestant, Vincent Magombe through Nabendeh and Company Advocates filed a petition to the Electoral Commission seeking nullification of his nomination on grounds that he lacks the requisite academic qualifications.
Mujjasi campaigning for President Museveni in his recent rallies in Mbale
The Electoral Commission has dismissed a petition challenging the academic credentials of Bernard Mujasi, a contender for the Mbale District Chairman's seat.

The decision is in line with a contention raised by Vincent Magombe, a challenger in the Mbale district race, on grounds that Mujasi lacks the requisite academic qualifications to contest for the same position. Mujasi has been the district chairman for the last 10 years.

Magombe says that at the time of his nomination, Mujasi submitted to the commission, certificates with different names on his ordinary and advanced level certificates. He adds that Mujasi has three different sets of names that feature on the voter register and on his certificates, a difference which, he says, presents a possible case of forgery.

Known to all as Bernard Mujasi, the Incumbent district chairman is registered as Mujasi Masaba Bernard in the national voters register. He was nominated as Bernard Mujasi EM, while his academic transcripts bear the name Bernard EW Mujasi Masaba.

It is this inconsistency that Magombe presented as evidence of lack of authenticity in Mujasi's credentials.

Magombe says that Mujasi has never sworn an affidavit to confirm his right name and that his current identity is hidden in three different personalities. Magombe lost to Mujasi during the NRM party primary elections and later joined the race as an independent candidate.

But the Electoral Commission says it has verified Mujasi's academic credentials and found them authentic. It adds that Mujasi was validly nominated and cannot be denominated.

The clearance is embedded in a letter signed by Joseph Biribonwa, the acting chairperson of the commission and copied to the chief petitioner Vincent Magombe.

“This is to inform you that at its meeting held on the December, 15 last year under Min.Comp.156/2015, at the Electoral Commission upheld the decision of the Returning Officer nominating Mr Bernard Mujasi E.M as chairperson LC5 Mbale district on grounds that he was validly nominated,” the letter reads.

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