Soldiers Rough up Entebbe Mayor, as NRM Takes Early Lead

The National Resistance Movement NRM candidate for Chairperson Wakiso District John Nsubuga is running neck-and-neck with his Democratic Party challenge in Entebbe Municipality as results trickle in.
John Nsubuga, the National Resistance Movement-NRM party candidate for Wakiso district LC V Chairperson Seat is running neck-to-neck with his Democratic Party rival, Matia Lwanga Bwanika in Entebbe Municipality as results trickle in.


Voting ended in all polling stations in the Municipality and District ahead of the 4:00 pm deadline due to the low voter turnout. Provisional results from 15 polling stations from St. Joseph's Katabi, Mayor's Garden, Kakeeka and Kitooro Leisure Prak give NRM's Nsubuga 1,936 votes, ahead of DP's Bwanika with 1,765, a difference of 171 votes.

The third candidate, Umar Kyenyune of Forum for Democratic Change was trailing. Nsubuga got the biggest votes from Mayor's Garden and Kakeeka, with four polling stations just opposite State House, where many soldiers vote from. 

At the four polling stations at Kakeeka Playground, Nsubuga got a combined 572 votes compared to Bwanika's 137 votes. Andrew Wani, a DP elections supervisor, expressed optimism that they were likely to win in the municipality after votes from far-flung polling stations come in.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Entebbe Municipality, Vincent DePaul Kayanja had to run for dear life after irate soldiers roughed him up for attempting to block them from voting. Kayanja stormed the Mayor's Garden after several soldiers in full military uniform entered the two polling stations and lined up to vote.

He questioned why the soldiers were in uniform when they are not supposed to. He also used his smartphone to take their pictures. In the process, a one Capt. Kamugira, who was commanding the soldiers confronted Kayanja. 

Chaos ensued after Kamugira grabbed Kayanja and attempted to grab his smartphone as other DP supporters came to the rescue of their leader. In the confusion, Kayanja managed to slip and run away as the soldiers gave chase. But he entered his car and drove away, leaving the soldiers to vote at will.

The NRM candidate for Chairperson of Wakiso District won in the two polling stations with 148 votes against Bwanika's 78 votes. At St. Joseph's Katabi, students of the Army School also attempted to vote although their names were not on the register.



Voters from the opposition put up stiff resistance and confronted Capt. Kamugira who tried in vain to make them vote. There, the DP candidate Bwanika won in the nine polling stations by a landslide. Apart from the few violent incidents, voting in Entebbe Municipality generally went peacefully. Voter turnout was very low.

At A-M polling station at Kitooro Leisure Park, only 244 voters out of 749 voters turned up, a marked drop from the presidential and parliamentary polls. Joel Kitimba, an NRM agent, said they had to reach out to their voters to turn up but just a few did.

DP's Wani also said they had to go to the homes of their supporters to convince them to come and vote but still many refused saying they saw no sense in voting.