Ex-ISO Boss Kaka No-Show as Parliament Vets Appointees

Kaka did not show up for the vetting process at 10:00 am, sending a message that he was unwell. Some committee members say Kaka new that he wasn't going to be approved anyway, owing to the misdeeds of ISO agents under his command
Courtsey image of Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda

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The former Director General of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) Kaka Bagyenda was no show as parliaments appointments committee sought to vet him today.

Kaka was this morning supposed to appear before the committee for vetting after his appointment as the ambassador designate to  Angola together with Hassan Galiwango the former NRM finance Director who was appointed as Uganda’s ambassador to Kenya.  

Kaka however did not show up for the vetting process at 10;00 am. Although the committee members knew they were vetting Kaka today, Kaka reportedly sent a message before the meeting would start that he was unwell.   

One of the MPs in the committee said he had just received the message. The Nakaseke South Member of Parliament Luttamaguzi Semakula says that they had planned to task Kaka Bagyenda overhis earlier actions as the head of ISO when he undermined parliament during its investigation on safe houses.

  He says that even if Kaka is now Ambassador, he still needs to account for his actions.

//Cue in: "Yes he knew...

Cue out:...the safe Houses"//

Kalungu West MP Joseph Ssewungu says that they planned to have the former ISO Director appear before the Human rights Committee since he snubbed that committee and never appeared.

He said earlier, Kaka sent someone to pick for him the invitation letter to the committee, but the person didn't bring Kaka's documents along as expected.

//Cue in: "kaka Bagyenda on...

Cue his documents"//

The committee only vetted Hassan Galiwango, who said his interaction with the committee was fair. He said he would focus on improving trade between Uganda and Kenya.     

//Cue in: The tariff wars...

Cue out:... affect our trade"//

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