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Excitement as Flood Victims in Dokolo Get Mosquito Nets.

Josephine Abelo, a mother of six from Acungapenyi village, says her children have been falling sick because they were sleeping without a mosquito net after she missed the one from government.
Women with their nets.

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Victims of floods in Dokolo District have received free mosquito nets from Children Chance International and Lira NGO Forum.

The mosquito nets were given to children and pregnant mothers from the over 5,000 households affected by the floods in different sub counties within the District.

The victims are staying at Kachung Junior Primary school in Agwata Sub county, Bata Ebwol and Awelo parishes in Adeknino sub county.

A total of 500 mosquito nets were distributed at Kachung and Adeknino respectively.

It is believed that the upsurge in water levels resulting into floods in the District also resulted to the increase in malaria prevalence especially among the communities living in the flooded areas.

Josephine Abelo from Acungapenyi village and a mother of six children says her children have been falling sick because they were sleeping without mosquito net after missing the one from government.

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Tom Alele Omara, a 58-year-old resident of Acungapenyi village testifies says he was not sleeping well due to bites by mosquito from the flooded water in his neighborhood. He is optimistic that with the nets, his sleeping routine will improve.

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Josephine okello tom, a mother of four who thought she would have to look for ways of securing her children’s treatment is now excited that she finally got a mosquito

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Kenneth Odur, the Executive Director of Children Chance International (CCI) says the pregnant mothers and children were targeted because they are more at risk of being adversely affected by malaria.

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Cue out: … from getting Malaria.”//

Bruno Odur, the project assistant at Lira NGO Forum urged the beneficiaries not to misused the nets by using them as fishing nets or ropes for tying goats but rather sleep under to safeguard their lives.

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Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health carried out a mass distribution of mosquito nets in the region although over 7,077 households in Dokolo district missed out.

Unfortunately, most of these households are in the areas of Adeknino Sub County and Agwata Town council which are badly affected by floods.

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