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Extortion Cited in Compensation of Teso War Debt Claimants :: Uganda Radionetwork

Extortion Cited in Compensation of Teso War Debt Claimants

Margret Asio, a resident of Palam Sub County says that conmen have made the compensation exercise costly for her.
Members of the Committee of Parliament on Legal Parliamentary Affairs in Katakwi.

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Extortion has been cited in the compensation of animal war debt claimants in the Teso sub-region.

This was revealed to Members of Parliament on the Legal and Parliamentary Affair during a probe by the committee into the compensation exercise undertaken by the Attorney General.  

TRADE- PRO- AFRICA is one of the organizations currently conducting the registration of animal debt claimants in Katakwi district. The group charges 5,000 for every person claiming animal compensation. The fresh registration comes months after the first group of beneficiaries received partial payment. 

Margret Asio, a resident of Palam Sub County says that conmen have made the compensation exercise costly for her. Asio says she has been paying money at every stage of her pursuit for compensation from the Village Chairperson to Court. She notes that every person giving information or any form of support to the process has been asking for money. 

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Simon Peter Acomia, the Parish Chairperson of Dadas in Akoboi Sub County says he was mobilized by his boss, Jorem Obukui, the LCIII Chairperson of Akoboi to register through TRADE- PRO- AFRICA organization for compensation.

Acomia said that the group is registering people whose names don’t appear in any of the lists already generated by the government and other organizations involved in the compensation processes. 

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Richard Oseku, the Kibale County MP in Pallisa District says they arrested some of the unscrupulous individuals who were conning the claimants. Oseku says the group was charging between 50,000 to 100,000 Shillings for every person claiming compensation. 

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Geoffrey Omolo, the LCV Chairperson Katakwi said that they have tried to advise people to stay away from unscrupulous groups but most of them have paid a deaf ear to their counsel. 

“People are desperate for help. Whoever comes around with promises to help them takes the day. Our people are willing to pay any price to get back their animals but some selfish individuals have taken that as an advantage to extort money from them”, he said.
Yusuf Mutembuli, the Vice Chairperson of the Legal and Parliamentary Committee says that they have noted the concerns and will seek guidance from Parliament and the Attorney General. 

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Norman Ojamuge, the Managing Director of TRADE- PRO- AFRICA said that they are fully registered by the district.

“The first registration was not comprehensive and many people were left out for various reasons. We consulted the Ministry of Teso Affairs where we were referred to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. I was accompanied to the ministry by the Toroma County MP where we processed all the required details to register the claimants”, he said. 

Ojamuge says that they are cost-sharing with the claimants to be able to meet administrative costs. He adds that they have carried out the first phase of registration in Katakwi, Ngora, and Serere districts.