Family in Rakai Banished for Witchcraft

A family in Rakai district has been banished from a village for alleged witchcraft,

The decision to banish Kisakye Nagenza's family from Matale-Kinaawa village in Kalisizo town council, was reached on Tuesday during a village meeting.

The meeting chaired by Dominic Mayanja, the LC 1 chairman, and attended by more than 250 people, heard that the family has been the source of the fetishes that have recently been behind the misfortunes in the village.

The LC 1 chairman noted that several people have run mad while many others are suffering from complicated illnesses that have repulsed all medical remedies.

Josephine Namusoke, one of the residents told the meeting that her daughter, Sarah Namwebe, a student at Masaka School of comprehensive nursing, has for long been suffering from a headache. She says that doctors have failed to treat the headache and blamed the plight of her daughter on the alleged family witches.

The rather confused Namusoke alleged that spirits talking through her daughter spoke out saying that they were bought by Kisakye Nagenza to make her wealthier.

The spirits allegedly said that they had gone on the rampage haunting the village because the buyer failed to meet an obligation that required her to offer weekly animal sacrifices to the spirits.

The accused woman refused to attend the village meeting, despite the fact that Dominic Mayanja the LC 1 Chairman invited her to the meeting.

In her absence, the residents unanimously agreed to expel and banish her from the village.

The woman has been given 24-hours to wither leave the village or face the wrath of the angry residents. The residents say they will not hesitate to demolish her house and cut down her banana plantation if doesn't leave the village within the stipulated time.

The woman however says the allegations against her are baseless and has sought police intervention in the matter.