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FARDC Takes Over Mushaki Position from Burundian Troops :: Uganda Radionetwork

FARDC Takes Over Mushaki Position from Burundian Troops

Lawrence Kanyuka, M23 political spokesperson released a statement saying that M23 will not leave the moment direct dialogue with the government is done
Major General Peter Chirimwami speaking to the press in Mushaki

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The takeover of Mushaki position in Masisis territory, North Kivu province by Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) soldiers has angered the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels.     

On Saturday, Burundian troops deployed in Mushaki, located in Bahunde Chiefdom about 40 Kilometers from Goma City, was occupied by FARDC soldiers. As the FARDC soldiers appeared, Burundian troops deployed in the area under the East African Community Regional Force peacefully handed over the position and withdrew.     

After taking over the area, Major General Peter Chirimwami, the new North Kivu province military Governor and area Commander of Operations addressed locals and soldiers that there are no negotiations with M23 rebels since they are backed by Rwanda.  Chirimwami says that those who are in the ranks of the enemy and who consider that they are Congolese should return, and go to the cantonment to follow the peace process but those who are foreigners should return home.  

He added that the aim of the government army is now to wipe out M23 from all the positions. 

//Cue in: “ hapa mulikua na….. 

Cue out: …tutapihansha aduyi.”//  

On Monday, Major Willy Ngoma, the M23 military spokesperson argued in a statement that the DRC government doesn’t want peace in the form of negotiation.  “They didn't negotiate with the M23, they negotiated with Burundian troops who stand for EACRF in DRC to come back to Mushaki,  they don't want peace, they want war to halt elections, says Ngoma.  

Bertrand Bisimwa, the M23 President also released a statement accusing DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi Tshilombo of continuously posing an obstacle to the return of peace in the East of the country.   “No one is essential for the stabilization of the east of the country. If President Félix Tshilombo continues to pose an obstacle to the return of peace in the East, history will record that the peace and security of our populations and our children will have been restored without him”, says Bisimwa.  

Lawrence Kanyuka, M23 political spokesperson said that M23 will not leave the moment direct dialogue with the government is done. 

//Cue in: “tutatumia president Tshisekedi…

Cue out: …Merci.”//  

There is a fresh war looming after an ultimatum by the DRC government issued to M23 to withdraw from all positions and surrender expired on Sunday.

In March 2022, the territories of Rutshuru, Masisi, and Nyiragongo fell into security turmoil after the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels led by Bertrand Bisimwa and General Sultan Makenga launched a war against the government. 

The majority of positions were conquered by rebels in fierce fighting. The fighting led to the suspension of the education sector in the territories until September 4, 2023, when it resumed. Rebels started withdrawing from the conquered areas in December 2022 following the deployment of peacekeeping troops from Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, and South Sudan.              

M23 launched a war against the DR Congo government, specifically the North Kivu province in March 2022. The DR Congo government accuses Rwanda of backing M23, but Rwanda and M23 strongly deny it. The rebels claim to fight against bad leadership in DR Congo based on corruption, xenophobia, and discrimination.      

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