Farmers Demand Repair of Rwengaju Irrigation Scheme

The pipes that are supposed to supply water in the area are broken leading to an over spill.
05 Jul 2022 19:33

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Farmers in Rwengaju Sub-county in Kabarole district are demanding repairs to Rwengaju Irrigation Scheme.

In 2018, the government contracted Dot Construction Services to extend water for irrigation from Karangura sub-county to Rwengaju Sub County at a tune of 27 billion Shillings.

The irrigation scheme which was a pledge by President Museveni was launched in 2019 after was declared one of the model sub-counties in the country.

According to the project design, it is meant to benefit model farmers in the sub-county to water their crops seasonally to boost their crop production.

However, the pipes that are supposed to supply water in the area are broken leading to an over spill of water. 

Tadeo Runyunyuzi one of the residents of Kidubuli village says that for six months excess water has been flowing in his garden and left many of his properties destroyed.

The excess water has destroyed the access road to Bwabya parish which connects the two villages of Nsaho, Kidubuli to Byabya village.

//Cue in : galimazima nigatutalibaniza….

Cue out : bagasasura obubababagakuhaire rundi.//

Lameck Wamani the Chairperson of Kansenene village Kidubuli parish says that the district authorities have been informed about the overspill but nothing has been done.

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Cue out: …project egi”//

Christopher Rwabwera the LCI Chairperson Bukoni A cell says his village has been the most affected with several broken pipes, especially along Bwabya road, which has made the roads impassable.   Rwabwera blames the water flow on vandals in the village.

Engineer David Mwesige Baguma one of the farmers and the head of Rwengaju Water for Irrigation Association says the committee has been able to repair some of the broken pipes.

He says that the matter has been reported to the Dot construction services and the Ministry of Water and Environment for repairs, in vain. //Cue in challenge number one…

Cue out those issues you are talking about”//

Eric Sabuka, the in-charge of the irrigation scheme downplayed the overspill, saying that many farmers are benefitting from the project.

Abdallah Agaba the LCIII Chairperson Rwengaju Sub-county says the irrigation scheme has never been handed over to the district by the contractors. He says the majority of the water pipes were damaged leading to an over spill.

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Cue out: …handed over to the district”//

Richard Rwabuhinga the LCV Chairperson Kabarole, says the district has since received several complaints from the public about the broken pipes, however, there is nothing they can do since the project has never been handed over to the district.