FDC Re-Opens Arua Office After Four Years

After the 2011 general elections, Forum for Democratic Change offices in Arua were closed, because the party failed to pay rent.
The new Forum for Democratic Change office in Arua

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Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has re-opened offices in Arua district. After the 2011 general elections, FDC offices in the district were closed because the party failed to pay rent.

The new offices are located along Arua Rhino-Camp road. 

Hajji Abdulhakim Molli, the FDC district registrar Arua told URN in an interview that they have already paid the office rent for eight months at a monthly fee of 250,000 shillings.

Cue in: “For the last elections”

Cue out… “Until the next five years”

The district registrar says the money was raised through contributions from party members.

Arua FDC chairman, Hamza Manzu says they have been struggling to survive in the last four years in coordinating party affairs due to the absence of office.

“We will now fully coordinate our party activities since members and supporters of the party can easily access us,” Manzu said.

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