FDC's Political Actions Register Success – Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Kiiza Besigye has said FDCs major achievement has been the awakening of Ugandans.

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Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has said that activities by the opposition Forum for Democratic Change –FDC party, have awoken Ugandans.

He says that because of FDC's momentum, Ugandans are now very discerning compared to a number of years ago, when citizens were less interested in the governance and democracy of the country.

Besigye states that FDC's agenda is meeting the approval of citizens adding that success is not only about capturing political power but about getting public support. Besigye says that the public response during presidential campaigns, during the times when he was arrested and when FDC was under siege speaks a lot of the FDCs struggle with Uganda.

He states that unlike Museveni, he is a freedom fighter who is fighting for all Ugandans and himself but most importantly taking on servant leadership.

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He says that some of their campaigns and agenda have been implemented by Government, adding that some of these developments are direct from the FDC candidate manifestos.

He cites the student's loan scheme as a brain child of the FDC. He says much as the FDC knows what should be done; they can only use political pressure.

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