FIA Investigating FUFA\'s Transactions For Last Three Years - Asubo

The Financial Intelligence Authority FIA has said investigations into the alleged money laundering by the Football body are still on-going.
Sydney Asubo, the Financial Intelligence Authority Executive Director.
The Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) has said investigations into the alleged money laundering by the Football body are still on-going.

Speaking to URN on phone last evening the executive director, Sydney Asubo made it clear that they are investigating dealings of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) for the past three years including the last year of Lawrence Mulindwa as the President.

“This is a very big investigation because it covers the internal and external dealings of the Federation,” said Asubo who however added that there is no time line on the investigations.

Two weeks ago the FIA had frozen the Federation\'s accounts temporarily but re-opened them so that they don\'t cripple their operations. Asubo said they are specifically looking at the transactions with several service providers that the federation has been dealing with for the last three years.

“We are really focusing on the past three years and if we make some discoveries then we could widen the scope of the investigations,” explained Asubo.

The UFIA is a government agency established by the Parliament of Uganda in 2014 to monitor, investigate and prevent money laundering in the country. It is also responsible for the enforcement of Uganda\'s anti-money laundering laws and the monitoring of all financial transactions inside the country\'s borders.

The investigations come after the world football was rocked by separate American and Swiss probes into bribery, racketeering and money laundering. The developments have led to the suspension FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Secretary general Jerome Valke and UEFA President Michel Platini.

The growing corruption scandal at FIFA may be spurring on investigations of soccer bodies at a national level in Africa, which has been a strong base of support for Blatter.

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