Five Injured in Inter-Clan Clashes in Lamwo

The dispute is between the family members of Churchill Obita, the Gombola Internal Security Officer of Padibe East Sub County and Palaa community members.
A police officer stands inront of a burnt hut in Amoyokuma ward in Otwee town council Amuru district in 2019.
A land dispute among clan members in Labanyango village, Padibe East Sub County in Lamwo district has left five people severely injured and over 250 grass thatched huts destroyed.

Tension over the piece of land estimated to cover more than 1,000 acres reportedly started on Monday morning after members of the Pukwong and Lobi clans jointly attacked their rivals of Palaa community. The locals reportedly set ablaze 18 huts, looted four ox-ploughs, eight bicycles, numerous chicken and killed five puppies.

The dispute is between the family members of Churchill Obita, the Gombola Internal Security Officer of Padibe East Sub County and Palaa community members.

According to local leaders, tension escalated on Thursday evening after Palaa Community members armed with machete, spears, bows and arrows retaliated and burnt over 150 huts belonging to Pukwong and lobi clan.

Julius Peter Olung, the LCIII Chairperson Padibe East Sub County, says that more than 100 Palaa clan members carried out the revenge attack at about 10 am Thursday. 

He notes that five people were severely wounded and have been admitted at Padibe East Health Center IV.

Olung says the attack which has been on-going between the two clans had been before the Grade One Magistrate Court in Kitgum but was later transferred to Gulu High Court.

He notes that several households have so far been left homeless following the attacks and called for urgent intervention of the district leaders and security personnel.

“Right now we have about 180 people comprising of adults and children who are homeless and have nothing left with them. They don’t have food, bedding and any basic items for survival, we call for help,” He says.

70 huts were on Thursday evening and Friday morning torched in retaliatory attacks between the rivalling clan members.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police spokesperson says a total of 17 suspects have so far been arrested in connection to the attacks.

The suspects are being detained at Padibe Police station and Lamwo Central Police station respectively.

Land disputes have escalated during the COVID-19 lockdown within areas of Acholi Sub-region with at least two deaths recorded according to Aswa River Region Police reports.

Late last month, Helen Aculu, a 55-year-old widow was waylaid and hacked to death in Omunybul village, Lamola parish, Labong Amida Sub County over a disputed a land row with her in-laws.

Wilfred Okello, 56 a senior Clinical officer and in charge of Pabbo Health Centre III in Amuru district was also waylaid by assailants and beaten to death in Alero Sub County in Nwoya district on May 10th.