Five Kenyan Fishermen Killed by Adulterated Alcohol

Five Kenyan fishermen and seven other people have died after consuming adulterated Alcohol in Kalangala.

The deceased Kenyans are Moses Okiror, Sande Othieno, Muhammad Kanyama, and another one only identified as Martin.

Bernard Kabogoza, the LC I Chairperson of Kaaya landing site in Bufumila Sub County in Kalangala district says that three of the alcohol victims died three days ago, while Martin died on Monday.

He says that the deceased have been habitual alcoholics adding that several sachets of Tyson Waragi and Rwenzori gin were recovered from their homes.

Samuel Mugisha the in charge of Kalangala health center IV who examined the bodies of the three dead fishermen has confirmed that they were killed by poisonous alcohol.

He reasons that the bodies presented symptoms of acute hepatitis due to alcohol poisoning. Mugisha says that bodies of the dead fishermen turned yellowish indicating a liver malfunction resulting for consuming adulterated alcohol.

Dr. Hillary Bitakalamire, the Kalangala district medical officer says seven other unidentified people were rushed to Entebbe hospital after they presented similar symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

Bitakalamire, told Uganda Radio Network shortly after inspecting Kaaya landing site with the police that they discovered that fishermen on landing site were mixing alcohol from sachet with local brew they sell in jericans.

Dr. Bitakalamire says several jericans of the suspected adulterated Waragi have impounded for further examination.

The death of these five people in Kalangala now brings to 24 the number of people killed by alcohol across the country.