Floods Displace 130 Families in Rukungiri

Floods from Lake Edward in Bwambara sub county Rukungiri district has displaced over 130 families.
Floods from Lake Edward in Bwambara Sub County, Rukungiri district have displaced over 130 families.


The families were left homeless after water destroyed their houses in Rweshama fishing village.


The sub county chairperson Bwambara Dinnah Rwakacaka told our reporter that the floods are as a result of the heavy rains that have been hitting the area since Thursday last week. The heavy rains have resulted in floods. 


Dinnah says that the floods have not only left people homeless, but also have health implications as most of the pit latrines have been destroyed. Dinnah says the likelihood of waterborne diseases breaking out is on the rise.


Alfred Tukundane, an area resident, says that they are facing starvation as the crops in their gardens have been destroyed completely.


John Karabarema, a 67 year old resident, says that this is the first time he ever seen the lake flood since he was born.


He says that the flooding has hit the fishing business hard leaving them without any income.


Bwambara sub county district councilor Chris Kagayano says that the sub county authorities are working on a designated area where the families will be preparing the meals under supervision to avoid any possible outbreak of diseases such as cholera.


The Rujumbura Member of Parliament, Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi says that he is trying to get in touch with the Disaster Preparedness Ministry so that the locals can be assisted as they have no food to feed their families.


He says he visited the area on Monday and was shocked at the extent of the devastation.


Kanungu district Police Commander Moses Semakula says that the police are working to ensure that the displaced people and their remaining property are safe.


He says that although the floods killed some animals which include sheep and Goats, no human being has lost life in the floods.