Food , Accommodation Prices Shoot Up In Kalangala

Isaac Mugera, The Kalangala district information officer says Kalangala hotels are now in brisk business. He estimates that since Thursday, Bugala Island has received over ten thousand guests who are visiting the area to attend Kabakas anniversary
31 Jul 2015 11:26
A makeshift structure signifying Kabaka;s visit in Kalangala is one those erected to welcome him.

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Food , transport fares and hotel accommodation prices have more than doubled in Kalangala as a result of tourists and Buganda loyalists flocking the area for Kabaka\'s 22nd coronation anniversary.


On Friday, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is celebrating his 22nd coronation anniversary in Ssese county . Kabaka Mutebi togather with his family arrived in Kalangala on Thursday alongside hundreds of Baganda loyalists.


As a result of hundreds of guests flocking the area for the coronation anniversary, many hotels are booked out with many turning away guests.


Beaches and hotels such as Brovad Sand Lodge, Mirembe beach, Ssese habitat resort, Ssese Beach, Pearl Gardens Beach, Victoria beach among others have been forced to increase to increase the prices of accommodation and food.


These hotels have been forced to adjust the accommodation prices from the usual 150,000 and 250,000 shillings to 300,000 and 600,000 shillings per night.


Small guest houses that usually charge between 20,000 to 30,000shillings have increased the prices per night to between  50,000 and 80,000.


A plate of buffet at the beaches that went for 15000 on ordinary days has now been hiked to between 25,000 and 30,000shillings.


Isaac Mugera, the Kalangala district information officer, says Kalangala  hotels are doing brisk business. He estimates that since Thursday, Bugala Island has received over 10, 000 guests who are visiting the area to attend Kabaka\'s anniversary.


Mugera says the influx of guests has created shortage of accommodation and food hence forcing hotels and restaurants to hike prices.


Mugera explains that influx of guests has boosted the income of the district through hotel tax.


// Cue in: “People who knew…

Cue out: …people are getting money.”//


Rashid Kiyimba, the Manager of Brovad Sand Lodge says even after increasing accommodation prices guests still managed to pay. He gives an example of Charles Peter Mayiga, the Katikiro of Buganda who paid for his entourage at the hotel.


He says they received an overwhelming number of guests but because of limited accommodation, they turned them away.


// Cue in: “The influx…

Cue out: …its good money.”//


Mark Kiryowa, of Upland guest house also says his guest house has been booked out since Monday. He is presently charging 45, 000 shillings up from 25, 000 shillings per room.  


He says he turned away over 100 guests because of space shortage.

Michael Mulindwa is one of the guests who travelled from Masaka to Kalangala for Kabaka\'s event.


He says the room he had booked at a guest house at 30,000shilling was given away to other guests who paid 50000shillings.


Mulindwa says he spent Thursday night in his car.

MP Mathias Mpuuga of Masaka Municipality however says the poor services threaten tourism industry.


He says he did not enjoy sleeping at Victoria Beach because it had poor services. He explains that the beach did not have room services and the room was dirty despite booking before hand.


But a manager at the hotel who declined to reveal her name apologized saying they had been overwhelmed by the number of guests.


Over 200 people who travelled from Mityana on Wednesday ahead of the Friday event cut short their stay due to lack of accommodation.  Among the travellers, Henry Mukasa says after they failed to get lodging on Wednesday night, their group decided to return to Mityana on Thursday.


At the time of filing this report, hundreds of Baganda loyalists had started gathering at Kibanga primary school to attend Kabaka\'s coronation anniversary.