Football Fans Rehabilitate Inzikuru Stadium

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Football fans in Arua are giving the Dorcus Inzikuru Stadium a facelift after the district authorities failed to live up to a promise to rehabilitate it.
The urgent need for a renovated stadium comes after Ediofe Hills FC qualified to join the national football super league. Ediofe Hills needs a home ground for its Super League matches and preparations are underway for its first home game against SC Villa.
The Federation of Uganda Football Associations requires that stadiums used for Super League matches must have basic facilities like perimeter fencing, dressing rooms and toilets, with the Inzikuru Stadium didn't have.
Mike Leti, the FUFA Chairman for West Nile Zone IV says that despite renaming the stadium in honor of world steeplechase champion Dorcus Inzikuru and promising major renovations, the district has done nothing to rehabilitate it. He says many football fans, tired of waiting for the district to act, have offered their time and money to work on the stadium.
Leti says he's overwhelmed by the generous response of the fans.
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Vitalis Oswan, the Arua Chief Administrative Officer, says the district administration would have liked to do more for the stadium, but lacks the resources to contribute to it.