Forged NRM Yellow Cards Infiltrate Kitgum

According to the Kitgum NRM administrator, Geoffrey Nyero, the forged yellow cards are in circulation in Mucwini and Amida sub-counties. They have now decided to use registers for primaries elections.
NRM village registrars in Kitgum district

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The National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Kitgum is probing the source of hundreds of forged party cards circulating in the district. Party officials say the yellow cards have been distributed targeting party primary elections. 

The Kitgum district NRM Administrative Secretary, Geoffrey Innocent Nyero, says to prevent confusion, they have resolved to use membership register rolls instead of yellow cards in the elections. 

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Nyero says at least four aspirants that he declined to name are behind the forgeries. He says they distributed the cards to non-party members they have bribed to help support their election.

The forged cards are circulating in mainly Mucwini and Amida sub-counties, and in some divisions of Kitgum Municipality. 

The party is also battling spread of wrong information on who is liable to vote in the party primaries. Nyero says some aspirants have planned to systematically disenfranchise supporters of their opponents by spreading information that the elections will only be for members of party structures recently elected.

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Nyero urged members to help the party and police in investigating the source of the yellow cards. In August, Phoebe Aber Luwum, an aspirant for Chua County Member of Parliament complained of similar plots. She told URN that her opponents were behind rackets of irregularities to disenfranchise her supporters.

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Last month, chaos broke up in Kitgum Matidi, Orom, Labongo Amida sub-counties and Bomah Ground in Kitgum Municipality, over fresh registration of members from polling stations. This forced polling officials to nullify some of the results.