Former Councilors in Arua Protest Over Unpaid Allowances

The councillors who converged at the former division offices claim the division owes them more than 15 Million Shillings which has accrued over eleven months.
The Former Arua Hill Division Councilors during the meeting at Arua Central Division Headquarters where they resolved to lock offices over non-payment of their transport Allowances.

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Eleven former councillors of Arua Hill Division have protested the delayed payment of their transport and other allowances. They have threatened to lock the offices if they are not paid before the commencement of the next financial year.

The councillors claim the division owes them more than 15 Million Shillings which has accumulated for over eleven months.

According to the breakdown, the former division chairperson is demanding for arrears 1.6 Million Shillings, while four Executive committee members are to get 100 000 Shillings each for eleven months totalling 4.4 Million Shillings. The other nine councillors including the speakers each demand for 100,000 Shillings for eleven months totalling to 9.9 Million Shillings.

Dickson Adomati, the leader of the aggrieved councillors said they will ensure their money is paid at all cost lest they lock the former division offices which are now being renovated as Arua Central Division Headquarters.  

// Cue in; Chairperson eleven months…

Cue out: “…we need that money paid.//

However, Asheri Debo the former Clerk to Council who represented the Senior Assistant Town Clerk Arua Hill Division explained that agreement has already been worked on to pay the money but the division accounts have run dry to enable them to implement. He also urged the aggrieved councillors to take other options including legal redress but not closing the offices.

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The arrears mainly accrued from transport facilitation for the councillors who participated in official activities including attending public functions.