Former Kampala Archdiocese Chancellor Kimbowa Laid to Rest

The long time serving clergy with the title of ecclesiastical dignity- Monsgnor Kimbowa was mourned by Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala and other members of the episcopal conference who praised him for having taught and mentored priests in the country.
Bishop Antony Zziwa sensoring the casket and body of the late Msgr Kimbowa during a requim mass at Rubaga cathedral

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The former chancellor of Kampala Archdiocese Monsgnor Charles Kimbowa has today been laid to rest at the Rubaga cathedral cemetery.

Archbishops from around the country attended the burial after a requiem mass led by the chairperson of the episcopal conference Bishop Joseph Antony Zziwa.

Monsgnor Kimbowa was mourned by Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala and other members of the episcopal conference who praised him for having taught and mentored priests in the country.

Msgr. Kimbowa who died at the age of 80 years started feeling unwell in July this year and has been getting medical attention at Nsambya hospital until Saturday September 26, when he was announced dead.

In his message during the requiem mass, Bishop Zziwa urged other teachers to learn from Kimbowa’s way of teaching which he described as a combination of teaching and mentoring.


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For his case Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala, in a message read on his behalf by Dr Cyprian Lwanga said they shared much of their life time in the service of God’s people.


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The mass sermon was given by Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who urged the catholic community in Uganda to continue praying for Kimbowa and always thank God for giving the deceased an incredible gift of talent as a teacher, an administrator, a believer, a preacher and a courageous man.


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The Prime Minister of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga was represented by the Kingdom Minister of Health Dr. Prosperous Nankinga and in Mayiga’s message was a reaffirmation of Kimbowa’s character as a multi talented and profound teacher, leader and mentor.

He said the Kingdom of Buganda will forever appreciate Kimbowa’s service not only to the church but also to the Kingdom


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On behalf of the family members Tonny Kivumbi Tonny said they will miss his irreplaceable role as a unifier and religious mentor who ensured that every family member is a Godly person.


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Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa who represented former Kisubi Minor Seminarians gave said Kimbowa was a joyous and interesting person. 


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Monsignor Charles Lwanga Kimbowa also served as the Rector of Ggaba Major Seminary from 1984 to 1989 when he was made an episcopal vicar of the clergy at Ttomi Novitiate until 2007. He became the senior secretary notary and chancery at Lubaga cathedral until his death.