Former KCC Workers Uncertain About New Job Postings

Former Kampala City Council workers complain of being denied access to the available job descriptions at the new City authority
Former Kampala City Council workers have started complaining of being denied access to the available job descriptions under the newly created capital city authority.

Jennifer Musisi Ssemakula was recently appointed Executive Director of the new city authority under the Kampala Capital City Authority Act 2010.

Over 1500 under the former KCC now accuse the new director of implementing the law without meeting them. Alex Wasswa, one of the workers says there is panic at city hall as some people are not sure of their jobs under the new law.

On March 1st, Kampala ceased to be a district and the workers are to be subjected to fresh interviews by the ministry of public service to retain their jobs. Ssemakula Musisi issued a circular to all the workers and heads of departments indicating that they have to undergo fresh interviews and those who do not wish to continue serving under the new arrangement shall be given their package.

But Alex Wasswa says for the two weeks the executive director has been in office, she has not made any effort to meet the workers and explain to them the new arrangements.

Wasswa accuses Musisi of hiding the available job descriptions from KCC workers interested in knowing the jobs available for them. He says the circulars are quoting the new law which some of the workers cannot interpret.

Wasswa adds that the district service commission that employed workers has not officially written to them over the resolution to terminate their services.

Fatuma Mirembe, who works in the planning department, says the workers have not been favored in the new arrangement, which is raising fears that fresh graduates with little experience in managing public institutions could end up being shortlisted. She says former KCC workers would have been favored and given priority due to their level of working experience.

The KCCA executive director could not be reached for a comment, but Patrick Mugenyi the communications officer told Uganda Radio Network, that nothing is being kept in secrecy.

He says the available job descriptions and the necessary qualifications, are awaiting the budget approval before they are made public. He says Jennifer Musisi Semakula has already held meetings with the different heads of departments.

Simon Muhumuza outgoing KCC spokesman says under the new structure, workers of the phased-out jobs shall be given their terminal benefits on vacating their offices.

According to the new law the posts of the town clerk and the deputy town clerk are the only jobs so far phased out.