Former NFA Boss Fails to Take Plea in Court

Damian Akankwasa, the former Executive Director National Forest Authority has appeared in court but failed to take ant plea because of another court order staying his trial.

Akankwasa appeared today before Emmanuel Baguma, the grade one magistrate in the anti corruption court.

Baguma didn't allow Ankankwasa who is facing charges of causing a financial loss to NFA and illicit enrichment to enter any plea.

Early this year, high court issued an interim court order staying the trial of Akankwasa on charges arising from the report by the Inspectorate of Government.

The order stemmed from an application filed by Akankwasa through his lawyer Abbas Bukenya, charging his trial before the anti corruption court.

In his application Akankwasa argued that he was wrongly charged in the anti corruption court because the offense he is charged with were allegedly committed between August 2007 and February 2008 before the Anti-corruption Act was not yet in place.

However, this didn't go down well with Sydney Asubo, the state prosecutor. Asubo accused Bukenya of tactfully derailing the proceedings.

He asked while the defense lawyer had failed to raise such matters since Akakwansa was charged adding that the offense existed under the Penal Code Act and were co-opted to the Anti- Corruption Act.

In his ruling, Baguma said that he cannot contravene the order of a higher court. He ordered Akakwansa to return to court on 15th October when court shall determine whether or not he takes a plea.