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Former Rebels in Rwenzori Seek More Support from Government :: Uganda Radionetwork

Former Rebels in Rwenzori Seek More Support from Government

Edrine Mbabazi told URN that the war greatly affected their economic lives so much that they cannot rehabilitate themselves on their own.
A group of reporters undergoing a skills training

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Former Allied Democratic Forces-ADF fighters in the Rwenzori region are asking government for more financial and technical support to rejoin their communities. 

They also want the government to support them to enroll in adult learning programs. 

They argue that many of them are illiterate, which has affected their day-to-day implementation of government-supported economic activities. 

The former fighters currently are given a certificate, beddings, utensils, corn and bean seeds, plus 260,000 shillings. 

The group including reporters from Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts, say the packages from the government and donors are of little help.

Edrine Mbabazi told URN that the war greatly affected their economic lives and therefore they cannot rebuild themselves on their own. 

She added that many have taken on small-scale businesses but their management is proving difficult due to their limited ability to write. 

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Sarah Mbambu, another former rebel, asks the government to introduce adult literacy training centres in local communities in the region to help those willing to study. 

She adds that due to lack of capital, a number of them have failed to fully utilise their skills.

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Katusabe Abdu Kyalimpa a former rebel from Bundibugyo District says they have been requesting the government to support them with startup capital and kits but this has been in vein. 

Vicent Bwambale, the chairperson ex-rebels in Ntoroko says the ex-rebels need financial support so that they can be able to start income-generating activities.

He added that once the former rebels have improved their lives, it will motivate those who remain in rebellious activities to surrender.

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Rapheal Maate, the LC III Karugutu town council wants the ex-rebels to utilise the skills acquired for development but agrees that this can only happen if they are supported with tools and some money.

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Ronald Ssekatawa, the Rwenzori Regional Coordinator for Amnesty says the commission is committed to empowering the ex-combatants so that they are able to have good living standards as well as fit into their respective communities.

He adds that they are giving life skills to both the ex-rebels and the community  as a mechanism for peaceful integration.

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