Former Street Kid Finds Hope in Music

07 Apr 2010 16:32

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21-year-old David Ocaya is a former street child. Ocaya says that in 2004 his parents expelled him from home because of singing.

He says that when his parents expelled him he decided to move to the streets to nurture his singing talent.

Today, Ocaya, who is popularly known as Baby King Dalvin is a household name in Gulu town because of his music.

Ocaya recorded his first hit Kwo Town, a song in which he describes his life in the streets.

Ocaya says the song immediately became a hit in 2006 and earned him the title of Artiste of the year following enormous votes from the fans.

//Cue in: "The song Kwo..."

Cue out: "...No shelter"//He says that using proceeds from the sale of his music he managed to acquire a descent home, live a good life and open a music recording studio.

Ocaya says that he has so far recorded several music albums which he has sold off to local promoters at shillings two million each.

Despite the successes, the former street child says that the music industry is faced with numerous challenges.

Ocaya says that most local musicians are disorganized and require professional managers to help them succeed.

He also decries piracy and the problem of radio presenters demanding for money to promote their songs.//Cue in: "What we lack ..."

Cue out: "...them nothing plays."//