Forming Alliance will Defeat Museveni in 2021 Elections - Gen. Muntu

Gen. Muntu says opposition should agree on one candidate during presidential, parliamentary and local council elections come 2021.

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The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) Coordinator, Gen. Mugisha Muntu has revealed that this time the opposition has got fertile ground to defeat President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with his NRM party come the 2021 elections if a strong alliance is formed.   

Gen. Mugisha Muntu made the remark in an interview with URN in Moroto town.   According to Gen. Muntu ousting president Museveni needs a united opposition without any disagreements.

He noted that his political party, the National Coalition for Transformation will make the proposal to other political parties to discuss formation of a coalition with the view of agreeing on a joint presidential candidate come 2021.   

Muntu further suggested that if the Opposition members agree on fronting one candidate, they will also agree on joint candidates for parliamentary and local council elections.  

//Cue in: “We believe that ……………. 

Cue out: ……………………….work towards that.”//  

Opposition has on several occasions tried to form a coalition but they end up splitting over disagreements. In 2008 opposition parties formed the Inter-Party Cooperation Coalition among five opposition parties including Uganda Peoples’ Congress –UPC, Forum for Democratic Change- FDC, Conservative Party- CP and JEEMA and agreed to field a joint candidate to challenge president Museveni. But their approach didnot work out as some parties eventually pulled out.   

The FDC Secretary General Nandala Mafabi said he was not aware about the proposal but his party was open to discussions.

Gen. Muntu also expressed his disappointed that government has not yet made the necessary reforms for a leveled ground.   He however said they (opposition and civil society) will continue to pursue electoral reforms before the general elections. 

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Cue out: ……………………… reforms out of good will.”//

Parliament is yet to pass electoral reforms, which opposition leaders have often pushed for.