Fort Portal Leaders, Businessman Clash Over Fuel Pump

According to Willy Magezi, the East Division LC III chairman, Musingunzi is destroying a wetland on top of endangering peoples lives by constructing a highly flamable fuel station close to their homes.
Construction works where the fuel pump will be installed

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Leaders in East Division, Fort Portal Municipality are embroiled in a conflict with a businessman over construction of an illegal fuel pump.

Ernest Musinguzi is accused of constructing a fuel pump in Kamengo trading centre, without seeking clearance from the relevant authorities who include the municipal environment officer, physical planner and the town clerk.  

Willy Magezi, the East Division LC III chairperson, says that there was no Environment Impact Assessment carried out before construction started. He also says that the leadership of the municipality and East Division were not consulted by Musinguzi.

Magezi explains that the fuel pump is being constructed too close to the shops and homes, which will increase in case of a serious fire outbreak.

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Cue Out: “...It is really very bad,"//

Musinguzi admits that he has not got clearance from the municipal authorities, but says that his business is for the good of the people in the area.

"All the people i will employ here are residents of this place. So, I'm reducing on unemployment in the area. Secondly, I don't have the money to do the planning and buy off all the landlords here so that the station is far from their homes... I'm really doing this in good faith," Musinguzi said.

He however says that he will seek clearance from authorities as construction goes ahead.

Deo Ndimo, the Town Clerk Fort Portal Municipality says that Musinguzi lacks a construction permit. He however says that the municipal council will write to Musinguzi to halt the construction until he has sought clearance from the relevant authorities.

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