Four Injured in Omoro After Falling Off Speeding Security Vehicle

The victims had boarded a double cabin Land Cruiser Pickup with concealed registration number plate suspected to belong to one of the government security agencies.
John Bosco Ojok, one of the voters who fell off from a moving vehicle shows his injuries on Thursday.

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Four people are nursing injuries after falling from a speeding vehicle while being transported to cast votes in Omoro County.

The incident happened on Thursday in Acet Town Council, 15 kilometers away from Omoro District Headquarters.  The victims had boarded a double cabin Land Cruiser Pickup with concealed registration number plate suspected to belong to one of the security agencies.

They have been identified as Denis Okol 20, Patrick Okello 34, Edward Obang 24, and John Bosco Ojok.

One of the victims who spoke on condition of anonymity says the occupants of the vehicles who were security personnel picked them up from Ogwari village in Orafoyo Sub-county. The source who sustained injuries on his knees says they were meant to be transported to vote in Kasonzi's home polling station in Acet Town Council.

According to him, the security personnel whom he didn’t reveal their identities told them to vote for National Resistance Movement candidate Andrew Ojok Oulanyah.

He however says as the driver of the vehicle negotiated a sharp corner at high speed in Acet Trading center, three other people including him who were seated behind lost balance before falling off the moving vehicle.

//cue in: “in the morning… Cue divine mercy.”//

He notes that after the incident, they were only given 35,000 shillings to carter for their medical bills.

John Bosco Ojok, one of the voters who was involved in the accident says he sustained a head and chest injury.

The injured are receiving medical treatment at Divine Mercy Clinic in Acet Town Council.

Medical personnel says although three others sustained minor injuries and bruises and are out of danger, one of them requires referral for further medical examination.

Uganda Radio Network reporter in Omoro also witnessed a number of double cabin pickups with concealed registration number plates traversing various areas within Omoro County. The majority of the vehicles were being driven by Resident District Commissioners and NRM carders and carrying locals.

Earlier, the Forum for Democratic Change party president Patrick Amuriat Oboi raised concerns that many government vehicles with concealed number plates have been deployed in Omoro District and are being used in favor of the NRM candidate.

//cue in: "we have noticed...

cue out:...a single candidate."//

David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson says the Police were investigating the incident.

He notes that they have also alerted their sector commanders manning various checkpoints to impound vehicles being driven with concealed number plates saying its unlawful.

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