Friday Meeting to Decide FDC Bickering Over Elections

Pro-Muntu and Mafabi factions in the party all agree that the Friday, August 16 meeting will be crucial in deciding if FDC remains united or splinters further into irreconcilable groups.

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The two camps in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change only have four days within which to know whether the party shall be holding presidential elections next year.


On the 19th of July the National Executive Committee sat and resolved to meet on the 16th of August to announce the fate of party President Mugisha Muntu.


The committee met to discuss the report by the Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal Committee led by lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi. The tribunal recommended among other things that the party in a bid to promote intraparty democracy and party cohesion, the party should hold a general election for all offices from grassroots to party president in 2014, or as soon as practicable.


However the pro-Muntu camp led by Secretary General Alice Alaso early this month told URN that they shall not be holding any presidential elections but stick to the party constitution.


According to Article 27 of the party constitution, the term of office of the President and Deputy Presidents shall be five years. This is provided that the President shall be eligible to re-election but subject a two term limit.


However retired Maj Rubaramira Ruranga who petitioned the party National Chairman citing electoral irregularities and malpractices is hopeful that the party leaders will do the right thing since this will determine the fate of the party.


Maj Rubaramira, a pro Nandala Mafabi member, adds that the leaders should keep in mind opportunities for new negotiations and take a reconciliatory path so that they do not break up the party.


He wonders how anyone can say there will be no fresh elections yet while campaigning during the November 2012 Presidential elections they campaigned for two years and not five years.


He warns that if the 16th August meeting fails to resolve the issue of holding fresh elections, it will be a turning point for many party faithful.


 Wafula Ogutu, the party spokesperson, is confident the Friday meeting will be able to solve any contentious issues that are still pending.


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