Fufa Delegate Arrested for Torturing Minor

Police in Lugazi has re arrested Ssebowa Mwanje Joseph who also happens to be the FUFA delegate in Buganda region based in Lugazi on allegations that he burnt a 15 year old Tebasasira Jamir who had come to pick school fees from his father known as Ssebowa Robert a taxi driver in Lugazi but he unfortunately ended up in his home since they had similar names.
Tebasasira while in the hospital

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Joseph Ssebowa Mwanje, the Buganda Region FUFA delegate is in trouble for torturing 15-year-old Jamir Tebasasira. Mwanje was picked up by police for beating and burning Tebasasira with a flat iron when he accidently ended up at his residency mid last month.


According to information obtained by URN, Tebasasira traveled from Kayunga district to pick up school fees from his father Robert Ssebowa, a taxi driver in Lugazi town.


He asked a boda boda rider to take him to his father, Robert Ssebowa's home, but the rider mistakenly dropped him at Mwanje's residence. Tebasasira says Mwanje returned at midnight and he realized he wasn't the person he was looking for and told him.


He says Mwanje advised him to spend the night, saying it was late but woke up at around 1am and started burning him with a flat iron while beating him up, saying he was a thief pretending to be lost.


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Tebasasira is currently nursing severe wounds at Kawolo hospital while Mwanje was picked and released on police bond. He was rearrested on April 29th, 2018 and charged with grievous harm under police file CRB 381/2018 according to Hellen Butoto, the Ssezibwa Region Police spokesperson.



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Steven Migadde, the Executive Director, Action for Human Rights activist based in Lugazi condemns the incident, saying they will ensure Tebasasira gets justice and is fully compensated.


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Helen Butoto, the Ssezibwa Region Police spokesperson cautions the public against taking matter in their hands, saying they will face the full wrath of the law.


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